Miller, Nancy Anne. “The Larger World”.
Transnational Literature. Vol. 13, Nov 2021
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The Larger World

Came by me as I fished off
Lower Ferry. Cairo freighter,
shaped like a wooden shoe stretcher

with elongated space between
a heel and a toe cap, full of cargo
as a Paget Piggly Wiggly shopping

cart. The Norwegian cruise ship,
white as an ice thaw drifting in
off Somerset. Shimmering cabin

windows, balconies, stacked like
Tupperware containers. Vacations
held in plastic trays one uses in

cafeterias. One Bermudian rides
her out-board, a bucking bronco,
it cuts through waves like

a horse’s flowing mane, bounces
as she hangs onto the frivolity
of unchartered moments. Passes

by Hinson’s Island, brilliant in glassy
light, holds down Hamilton Harbour,
like a paper weight, as sea level rises.

Nancy Anne Miller

Nancy Anne Miller is a Bermudian poet with nine collections. Latitude, Longitude is her latest (Kelsay Books 2021). She is published internationally in journals such as Edinburgh Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Salzburg Review, Agenda, The Fiddlehead, The Caribbean Writer. She has an M.Litt. in Creative Writing from Univ. of Glasgow, is a MacDowell Fellow, and Bermuda Arts Council Grant recipient.