Siddiqui, Nudrat. “Passport Control.”
Transnational Literature, Vol. 13, Oct 2021
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Passport Control
Nudrat Siddiqui

Right away, he notices her. There is nothing remarkable about the way she looks, her face free from the contortion of panic that he has learned to recognise. She walks with measured strides, melding easily with the tourists, students, and families in the slow-moving queue. But something about her is not right.

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Nudrat Siddiqui

Nudrat Siddiqui recently obtained a PhD in English & Creative Writing from Royal Holloway, University of London. During her PhD she researched representations of Us/Other interactions in post-9/11 fiction and wrote a linked short story collection that explores how characters grapple with day-to-day obstacles against a backdrop of terror and related military action.