Sanfilippo-Schulz, Jessica. “Transnational Writing to Aminatta Forna.”
Transnational Literature, Vol 13, Oct 2021
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Transnational Writing to Aminatta Forna
Jessica Sanfilippo-Schulz


I was fascinated by Aminatta Forna’s keynote speech at the conference Transnational Literature and Writing: Follow the Sun (2021). This creative-critical and personal letter addressed to Aminatta Forna is a response to her keynote speech about the transnational writer.

Keywords: Aminatta Forna; transnational writers; Third Culture Literature

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Jessica Sanfilippo-Schulz

Jessica Sanfilippo-Schulz is a doctoral researcher at the University of Leeds. Currently, she is a visiting scholar at the Graduate School ‘Practices of Literature’ of the University of Münster. Her thesis explores life writing about frequent international mobility in girlhood. Jessica is also passionate about creative writing.